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Welcome to Myspace Layouts.
We were the first and original myspace layouts site who has been providing MySpace Help for 2 YEARS and counting. On top of that, this site was the first layouts site to provide you with Custom Friends List Generator (lets you edit your Top 8 friends list for your profile), we were also the first one to provide you with Myspace Comment Box Generator (lets you add a comment box in your profile so your friends can leave you comments - i was also the first one to introduce the idea for "Clear" button on the comment box, nothing big.. i know :p) and now, among many other codes, there is also a Myspace Profile Editor (lets you customize / edit your myspace profile in minutes and make it just the way you want it). Most of you probably noticed that a lot of new lame layouts sites are popping out every now and then and more than half of them have the same background and generator as the other site. Even the same look, isn't that funny? Some sites are even steeling stuff from this site and putting it on their sites. We are always adding new stuff to the site and improving it day by day. Our goal is to make the best myspace resource site possible and keep you happy. I just want to Thank You for coming to this site and making the right decision.

Hope that you will come back and help me promote this site.

Note: Please scroll down to read the News and Updates about this site. I'll be adding a lot of new stuff and you don't want to be the only one left out, now do you?

MySpace Layouts

Here are some random myspace backgrounds that we picked out for you. Just click on any of the background below for a live preview of that layout with it’s codes. We have a wide range of backgrounds that we have categorized for you. To view the full list of, just click on the link below.

Newest Double Background MySpace Layouts

07 New layouts added on April 26, 2008. A lot more new layouts coming soon.
Double-Background-Antique-Deserts Double-Background-Black-Red-And-White-Splash Double-Background-Black-White-Hearts-Pink-Stripes Double-Background-Bubble-Fishes Double-Background-Cherry-And-White-Dots Double-Background-Green-And-Blue-Stripes Double-Background-Straight-And-Sideway-Stripes

Newest Skinny / Tiny MySpace Layouts

03 New layouts added on April 19, 2008. A lot more new layouts coming soon.
Guns-All-Around Guns-Background You-Feel-Lucky-Punk

Newest Default MySpace Layouts

08 New layouts added on April 17, 2008. A lot more new layouts coming soon.
British-Flag-1 British-Flag-2 Razor-Blade-1 Razor-Blade-2 Sad-And-Happy-1 Sad-And-Happy-2 Skulls-Background-1 Skulls-Background-2

Newest MySpace Layouts

11 New layouts added on April 14, 2008. A lot more new layouts coming soon.
Happily-Married In-Love Lord-Is-Up-To-Something Me-Without-You-Is-Like My-Husband-Is-A-Hottie Shawty-Got-Class Single-And-Looking So-Fresh-So-Clean The-Bible-Is-Your-Diet WWJD Your-Just-Jealous

Newest MySpace Layouts

10 New layouts added on April 13, 2008. A lot more new layouts coming soon.
Baby-Boy-On-The-Way Baby-Girl-On-The-Way Big-Deal Boo-You Breast-Cancer-1 Breast-Cancer-2 Breast-Cancer-3 Christ-Died-For-You Drink-Up-Baby Got-Jesus


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